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Overspending on legacy EMR A/R wind down?

Here are a few ways A/R Rundown can help...

SaaS based, cost effective, A/R wind down solution post EMR migration

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Cost Saving Financial Archival

Problem: You are paying for expensive hardware, hosting and software after your EMR migration.

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Eliminate Legacy Servers

Problem: You have on-premise or Cloud hosted servers that you are paying to maintain for a small amount of users.

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Eliminate Software Expenses

Problem: You are paying frustrating software fees as you wind down your A/R from your old system.

We will save you money on your EMR financial archive post migration. Guaranteed. 

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Simple and Cost Effective A/R Wind Down For Your Practice.

Find out how our simple and cost effective tool can help you wind down your A/R while eliminating hardware, hosting, and software expenses. 

A/R Rundown by Necto Health, LLC @2023